Don’t Sacrifice Our State For Football


SHAH ALAM, 27 SEPT: Sponsorship for the state’s football team should not be at the cost of sacrificing the people’s interest in other aspects, according to the Malaysian Youth Solidarity (SAMM) of Selangor.

“The people are our priority – we should not have to mortgage the land solely to strengthen our football team.

“We should spending sparingly. The allocation of RM7 million a year is more than adequate in terms of state aid,” said the moderator, Azhar Achil.

In a press statement today, he reminded everyone not to rely on State Government funding alone, but instead to seek external sponsorships.

“Critics should examine why our local football team is not getting adequate sponsorship to a point that the State Government is forced to be seen as the primary sponsor,” he said.

Azhar called on all party leaders who criticised the State Government’s policies, led by Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim from the angle of sports development in order to be more proactive and positive.

He said the State Government has contributed over RM7 million a year to football development in the state. This is the highest investment compared to other states.

“The State Government has been giving a great support, but we must also remember that our football team should be working harder at earning large corporate sponsorships as well,” he said, adding that the State Government’s significant investment does not necessarily lead to good results.

“Malacca, for example, invested millions of ringgit, but the results are not as great as expected, and they became a waste,” he said.

Additionally, Azhar also urged the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) to revamp and be given a new lease of life so as to attract large corporations to invest in the sport of football.

“FAM, as a football body, has failed in bringing our football game to a higher commercial level,” he concluded.

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