Increase in Oil Prices, Youths among Those Affected


SHAH ALAM, SEPT 9: Low and middle income youths are the largest group to be affected by the petrol and diesel oil hike recently announced by the Umno-BN Federal Government.

Exco for youth and Sports, Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi said that youth are not only struggling to repay their educational institution debts, but they also have to bear the pressing costs of living, especially those who are married.

“Youth should be the pillars to the leaders of the country in the future are now only youths who think of their needs and their families only.

“This is the work of Umno-BN which has been corrupting the youth’s thinking causing them to lose their identity because they depend on the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) and various bribes of money and entertainment,” he said in a press statement.

As a consequence, he said, the thinking of youths who will be the succession in future, no longer has the integrity to solve problems that occur in the country in terms of economy, education and government.

He is of the opinion that if not action is taken to address the economic crisis today, the Umno-BN administration culture will be contaminated by abuse of power and corruption which will continue in the younger generation as a shortcut to achieve comfort.

“The Federal Government should change their methods and pattern of administering the government to a more prudent management,” he said.

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