NGO Reveals Umno-BN used Government Machinery in GE-13


SUBANG JAYA, 19 Sept: The non-governmental organisation (NGO) which monitored the 13th General Election (GE-13) found that many Umno-BN campaigns abused federal and state government machinery.

Witness, Yasmin Masidi from the Independent Election Monitoring Body (Pemantau) found that government machinery, including that of Felda, Felcra and government-linked companies (GLCs) were abused during this period.

She said that 22 percent of reports received from the entire Parliamentary area referred to the issue of the use of federal and state government machinery.

Thus, Yasmin, who presented the report of observation based on feedback from 2,000 Pemantau volunteers, concluded that the GE was not clean.

“Pemantau concluded that the GE-13 was not fully independent and fair,” she said.

Yasmin said that Pemantau also urged a number of improvements to the electoral law to ensure a clean and fair.

Among them, she said, is to amend several rules of law to respect the principle of freedom to meet the aspirations of the Federal Constitution.

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