Oil Price Hike Propels People To Neglect Health


SHAH ALAM, Sept 5th: The UMNO-BN Government’s latest action of increasing fuel prices has caused the health status among the people to decrease – particularly women, children, and the elderly.

Chief of PKR Wanita, Zuraida Kamaruddin said the cost of living has increased sharply due to the rising prices of goods and services, forcing many people to cut back on their expenses.

“The impact of the increase will affect the lives of homemakers who handle domestic affairs related to household groceries expenses. Adding to the fact that the current salaries remain the same, people are not able to support their families properly,” she told TV Selangor.

Zuraidah said the health status of children will be affected by the hike because they will not be consuming quality food that would impede their development in the long-term.

“Low-income people are mostly affected because they are not able to meet the high living expenses,” she said.

RON95 is now priced at RM2.10, while RON97 costs RM2.85, and diesel is priced at RM2.00.


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