Utusan Claimed to Confuse Readers


SHAH ALAM, September 17: The Utusan Malaysia newspaper has been claimed to mislead readers by giving the impression that there were no foreign voters or power outages during the 13th General Election, stressed the Member of Parliament for Serdang, Dr Ong Kian Ming.

Dr Kian Ming said that he did not agree with the contents of the page 4 article entitled “Opposition fraud revealed – leaders of DAP, PAS admit that there were not phantom leaders or electricity disruptions.

“I do not agree with this view and this picture because I do not have access to all information for all election constituencies throughout the country,” said Dr Ong in his media statement.

According to Dr Kian Ming, the article in Utusan Malaysia quoted his words from FreeMalaysiToday which was published on 15 September entitled “DAP man concurs Permantau’s findings of no foreign voters, blackouts.”

In the Utusan article, it quoted him as saying that “A far as I know, there are not foreign voters (Bangladeshis) or electricity supply disruptions. So I agree with their views (Permantau).

Dr Kian Ming said that the article failed to make room for important clarification that his comment on foreign voters was limited to the Serdang Parliament and the electricity supply disruption only for Bentong Parliament.

“I am waiting for evidence or more information about foreign voters and power outages which may be revealed during the People’s Tribunal organised by Bersih starting this week.

“This is another example of irresponsible journalism which is often practices by Utusan Malaysia,” said Dr Kian Ming.

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