Continuous Supply of Treated Water till 2022


Mitigation measures implemented by the State Government are expected to ensure a continuous supply of treated water for another decade, which is till year 2022. The mitigation project is expected to complete this year.

Among the mitigation measures being taken is the restoration of the Bukit Jelutong water treatment plant which has been shut down. This is expected to increase the water reserves to 851 million litres of water a day (MLD). The use of membrane technology will increase the production of treated water by an additional 100 MLD.

The Socio-Economic Research Centre (SERC) however urged the State Government to be more decisive in ensuring tighter maintenance of the treatment plants and pipes.

“The study conducted by a survey firm, Enrico, found that all 29 water treatment plants which are being managed by Puncak Niaga are not operating at optimal levels. About 18 of the plants need to be repaired and upgraded,” SERC advised.

SERC urged the State Government to resolve water pollution in major rivers in Selangor, especially in Semenyih and Langat.

River pollution causes a reduction in raw water supply.

“As of April 2012, there were at least 13 incidents of downtime at treatment plants due to high pollution levels,” the report stated.

The sources of pollution identified are from manufacturing activities, poultry farms, oil spills and sand mining.

The State Government has been asked to enforce laws punishing river pollutants, to curb water theft and fraud, and to relocate factories to appropriate areas.

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