GMUKM Wins Big in UKM Campus Election


SHAH ALAM, 24 Oct: The National University of Malaysia Student Coalition (GMUKM – Gabungan Mahasiswa Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) won big in this time’s campus election by receiving 22 seats, while Aspirasi (Aspiration) win 4 seats and Bebas (Free), 1 seat.

GMUKM Chairman, Abdullah Sani Hashim said the winning factor was the strength of GMUKM and Student Unity Front (SUF), a new party in arms which represents the Chinese community in UKM.

In addition, he said the Facebook social media website was among the largest contributor to GMUKM’s victory, as quoted from Harakah Daily.

In this regard, he called for all students across the country to start involving in politics in their first year.

“In UKM, we sow the seed of politics and values; ‘president’s debate’, ‘candidate manifesto debate’, and ‘campaign creativity’ are among the priorities. It is a new political environment we have here at UKM.

“For our friends who will face Campus elections, we recommend to create this environment and we must be prepared to change the despicable political atmosphere that is happening today,” he added.

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