Najib Finally Realises the Danger of the TPPA after the Insistence of the People



Najib Razak has finally realised, due to the insistence of the people, that the TPPA ‘trespasses’ the sovereign rights in formulating regulations and policies, or in a more precise language – Pawning the sovereignty of the nation.

Thankfully, despite the mainstream media not carrying out their proper role in providing specific information about the dangers of the TPPA, effort from various parties have managed to gather the people to put pressure so that the TPPA is not implemented.

SAMM, through working together with the Task Force Against TPPA (BANTAH), is currently touring 12 of the 13 locations throughout the country as a responsibility to provide public awareness about the TPPA. It indirectly has an effect of its own when more and more people understand the complications that may be encountered if the country signs the TPPA.

The last location of the Anti-TPPA Tour will be held this evening at Sekinchan, Selangor, before the premier stage, which will bring together two leading figures of the nation, takes place on 10 October at the Sultan Sulaiman Club in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

The TPPA issue is not over. MITI is seen as very fervently trying to distort and manipulate facts to cover their weaknesses. At this moment, MITI is also trying to counter the BANTAH-SAMM roadshow. In fact, they are also conducting a propaganda programme at a police college, in order to get support from the police on the TPPA issue.

In similar developments, SAMM has warned that although Najib Razak has apparently ‘realised’ the dangers of the TPPA, Najib’s statement still shows his interest in implementing the TPPA when he said that “the TPP agreement is expected to take a longer time to be finalised”. This means a delay, do not be trapped.

From a different angle, is Najib trying to be a hero when he finally rejects the TPPA? His specious ‘flip-flop’ attitude is very dangerous and is hard to believe. Najib is also seen as not having a stand in the issue of the TPPA.

Therefore, let us join our voices in unison and together reject the TPPA in both of the assemblies;

1. Anti-TPPA Premier Stage: Save Our Nations Sovereignty, Reject TPP | 10 October | 8.30pm| Kg Baru Sultan Sulaiman Club, KL

2. #BantahTPPA Assembly and ‘Welcome’ US Representatives as a sign of Protest | 11 October | 2.00 pm | KLCC Mosque

SAMM invites all Malaysian to not miss the opportunity to show the strength of the people to the government which dares to gamble the fate of the people and the sovereignty of our country.

Youth Solidarity Malaysia (SAMM)

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