PR Criticises Bung Mokhtar’s Action of Insulting the People

SHAH ALAM, 18 Nov: Pakatan Rakyat (PR) criticised the actions of the Member of Parliament for Kinabatangan, Bung Mokhtar Radin, who insulted the people after relentless attacks from opposition leaders through his Twitter page.

Member of Parliament for Shah Alam, Khalid Samad, described Bung as being uncivilised and a thug when he issued words like ‘stupid;, ‘whore’ and ‘ape’.

He said Bung’s action highlights the culture of Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders which has absolutely no correlation with religion, politics, morality and debate.


“This is not the first time he (Bung) issued abusive words like that and BN is also taking no effort to advise Bung on his manners and behaviour,” he said when contacted by Selangor Kini today.

Bung attacked through comments on his Twitter page for tearing up PR’s motion when the Member of Parliament for Kuantan, Fuziah Salleh put forward the motion on the deduction of pay for five advisors under the Prime Minister’s Department, during the Dewan Rakyat session on 14 November.

Bung acted that way because he wanted ‘revenge’ for when PR leaders tore up the motion for the suspension of the Member of Parliament for Padang Serai, N Surendran, during the morning session on the same day.

Khalid said that Bung’s actions cannot be equated with that of PR’s because the motion for Surendran’s suspension was not in accordance with established procedures.

Meanwhile, the MP for Sungai Petani, Datuk Johari Abdul, said that he was not surprised with Bung’s actions because the leader has acted the same way before, by issuing abusive words and insulting everyone.


“This is an example of BN leaders who are too arrogant to a point of having no respect for others. They think that people are easily fooled on various issues such as fraud and corruption,” he said.

Johari said that the arrogant action is the true picture of BN leaders who think that they will not fall because they have rules the country for a long time and that there is no power that can snatch the administration.

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