Announces 11 Saving Measures, but Burns RM15 Million of the People’s Money

SHAH ALAM, 31 Dec: The RM15 million provisions received by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) for the 2014 New Year’s Eve celebration is extreme and ridiculous.

The Member of the State Legislative Assembly of Sekinchan (Assemblyman), Ng Suee Lim, said that this wastage cannot be accepted especially when the people are oppressed to earn a living and is burdened with the cost of schooling.

He said that the announcement is also not in line by the statement by Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who ‘supposedly’ always places the people first through prudent spending despite wasting millions of ringgit.


“Najib need not announce the 11 ways to save when, for just one night, he has burned millions of ringgit of taxpayers’ money, not just two or three ringgit.

“Even if a massive celebration is wanted, RM1 million can make it very lively. There is no need (to spend) RM15 million.

“This RM15 million, according to Najib’s announcement to save by cutting allowance of Jusa Officers by RM50, how long would they need to collect before the RM1 million is recovered,” he told Selangor Kini.

He was asked to respond the the announcement by DBKL recently that the allocation cost provided this year for the new year’s celebration is RM15 million.

Suee Lim asked for the new yer’s celebration, which has been celebrated all this while, to be changed so that the taxpayers’ money is not wasted on things that do not bring back beneficial returns.

“In Selangor, millions are not wasted even though Selangor has a lot of reserves. Just a modest but lively celebration is enough, with audience from all walks of life.


“Not like DBKL, which has a deficit spending each year, but still wants to waste RM15 million for one night.

“It is time we change the attitude for the sake of the people, many of whom will be struggling, especially in 2014,” he said.

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