Fishes Did Not Beach Themselves in Lahad Datu Because of Earthquake – Director of Sabah Meteorology

SHAH ALAM, 25 Dec: The Meteorological Department said no seismic activity has been recorded off the coast of Lahad Datu, where earlier, thousands of fish were reported jumping out of the sea onto land, Tuesday morning.

Sabah Meteorological Department director Abdul Malik Tussin said despite the phenomena, the early warning system in the area did not detect any earthquake or tsunami threat.


However, Abdul Malik said the Meteorological Department was monitoring the movement of the seabed which was in a state of calm, quoted from Bernama.

Meanwhile, State Fisheries Department Director Datuk Rayner Stuel Galid said it is the first time the phenomenon occurred in the state.

“Usually the fish, known locally as Tamban, were usually found in deep waters, seldom near the beach,” he said.

The Department has also sent its officers to investigate to identify the cause of the incident.

The Lahad Datu District Chief of Police, Supt Mat Shamsuddin, said that safety officers are always taking precautionary actions in the event of the possibility of a natural disasted.

At the time of the event, between 8am to 9.30am, thousands of Tamban fish beached themselves are attracted the attention of the locals and some of them takes phenomena as a sign that natural disaster, such as a tsunami, will hit.

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