High Cost of Living, Isa Samad Does Not Understand the Role of the Government

SHAH ALAM, 24 Dec: Tan Sri Isa Samad fails to understand the role of the Federal Government which should be responsible in controlling the increase of living costs when he acted in support Umno-BN by saying that it is something that cannot be avoided.

The Member of Parliament for Shah Alam, Khalid Samad, said that Isa’s statement is clearly wrong, thus proving that he failed to understand the purpose of the government through the national economic policy.


Previously, Isa, who is also the Chairman for FELDA, said that the people should not point fingers at Umno-BN regarding the increase in price of necessary goods as well as the increased cost of living.

Khalid said that although Malaysia has high wealth resources, it is not enjoyed by the people of this country due to weak and untrustworthy economic management.

“The question of the economy and cost of living is determined by policies used by the ruling government, which includes how they use the country’s wealth.

“However, what has been implemented by the government so far does not help because there are too many leakages, wastages, corruption and cronyism happening that it adversely affects the people,” he said when contacted by Selangor Kini.

Khalid said that the Umno-BN Government should also stop using the excuse “undecided factors of the world economy” each time they try to increase the price of goods and services.

He said that good management and economic policies may develop the people’s economy better, as practices by other Asian countries such as Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea.

“Singapore is at par with our country, but their lasting management and economic policies successfully developed the people’s economy making them far ahead of Malaysia.

“Being irresponsible and confusing the people is often practiced by Umno-BN because certain leaders successfully build economic empires for themselves and their families but the people’s economy has gone down and is at a disappointing level,” he said.

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