Khalid Samad: December 31st Assembly is Not to Topple the Government

December 26th, SHAH ALAM: Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad denies that the rally organised at Dataran Merdeka to be held on December 31st seeks to overthrow the government as alleged by certain quarters.

Instead, he said that the assembly is a medium for the people to express their dissatisfaction against the government’s decision to increase the price of goods and services.

According to Khalid, allegations by irresponsible factions describing the assembly as an attempt to ‘overthrow the government’ is a means to prevent the rally from taking place.

“Those allegations are the dirty actions of certain factions to prove the assembly a failure, to destroy the peace and create a ruckus.”
“We have emphasized that the aim of the rally is merely to express unhappiness at the government’s decision to pressure the people by a sudden increase in prices and implementing an unsuitable goods and services tax (GST),” he stated in an excerpt taken from the Harakah Daily today.

Khalid explained that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has always respected the democratic principle and that every government transition has only taken place through peaceful elections.

He added that PR will never take over the government by force and without the support and mandate of the people.

He also advises people who will be attending the assembly to conduct themselves properly and not to pose provocation that can cause tension.

“Cooperation between the authorities and those who will be part of the assembly which is also the expression of their dissatisfaction in regards to the government’s decision, is crucial to a smooth and peaceful rally,” he said.

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