Users Feel that the Increase in LRT & Monorail Fare Adds to Their Burden

SHAH ALAM, 12 Dec: The announcement by the Public Land Transportation Commission (SPAD) Chairman, Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar, regarding the increase in fare for LRT and Monorail services in 2014 would bring in various reactions on social media sites.


On average, they are not happy with the proposal and considers their burden as increasing with the increase in price for electricity tariffs, goods and petrol which was recently announced by the BN Government,

The Selangorku Media Facebook page was flooded with comments, not agreeing with the increase of the fare.

For Haulasyolah Khalid, the increase does not bring happiness to the people, especially since Barisan Nasional (BN) won the 13th General Election recently.

Razman Shah Mohd Razali questioned the difference between Malaysia and Singapore, which gives free fares to the people in the mornings for the ease of workers.

Apart from that, there were also those who wished that salaries will be increased to be at par with the fare increase.

“Are there no ministers in Malaysia who are concerned? They keep announcing increases in prices. Do they not understand that the people are currently facing a much oppressed life,” said James Yap Yea Geh.


“In addition to the system being weak and slow, not the fare is to be increased? The price of petrol has increased, and now, the price of public transportation is to be increased. Do they not realise that this burdens the people?” said Amirul Rashid.

Meanwhile, Airin Safira is of the opinion that the price of goods is always increasing. This makes the people burdened, and it is not in line with the RM900 minimum wage. The people are becoming poorer.

Yesterday, Syed Hamid Albar said that the review will take several factors into consideration so that the increase will not burden users.

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