BBC News Fascinated by the Najib Razak Kangkung Story

SHAH ALAM, 15 Jan: The statement by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak regarding the reduced price of kangkung (water spinach) in Kemaman is not only being spread on social media sites, but it has become a mockery and and joke which has even attracted the attention of the international media, the BBC News.


BBC News in its entry in News Trending “#BBCtrending: Be careful what you say about spinach” said that the government led by Najib Razak has received criticism from the people due to the increase in fuel and electricity by choosing to push back by highlighting the reduction in price of kangkung.

According to BBC News, moments after Najib Razak made the kangkung comment, sarcasm and jokes began to trend on social media such as Facebook and Twitter stating their comment on the kangkung issue and it began trending in a short time.

Meanwhile, apart from the comments on social networking sites, there have been cheeky netizens who dedicated the folk song “Lenggang Kangkung”, sung by popular singer Saloma, to him.

In fact, there are also users who lined up some edited photos with added dialogue making fun of the Prime Minister understanding the people’s difficulties following the increasing cost of living.

Earlier, the Chairman of the PKR Consumer Affair Bureau, Yahya Shari, said that Najib Razak should be serious about the issue of rising prices and cost of living which is becoming increasingly pressing and to not make the people’s suffering a laughing matter.

Yahya said that although they have often come up with superficial excuses when the price increases, BN cannot run away from their responsibility as the ruling government.

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