‘Kangkung Professors’ Infected by ‘Bebalisma Syndrom’ Distorting National History

PUCHONG, 6 Jan: The move by some academics who deliberately issue reverse facts to confuse community thinkers are deemed as ‘kangkung professors’ (shoddy professors) who are infected by ‘bebalisma syndrom’.

The former Vice President of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Professor Dr Syed Husin Ali, said that the facts issued by ‘kangkung professors’ do not only reflect failure to accept true facts, but also reduces the value of history by distorting important facts.


“There are some ‘kangkung professors’ who claim that we have never been colonised. The fact does not only reflect the attitude of wanting to deny facts, but it also shows a bebalisma attitude, which is ‘bebal’ (meaning stupid or narrow minded thinking),” he said.

Dr Syed Husin said this when delivering his lecture at the People’s Independence Course which was held at the Centre for Democracy Reforms and Social Initiative yesterday.

Dr Syed Husin said that as a race that is in the grasp of colonisers from a different race will cause them to lose power and dignity under the colonisers.

He said that important political positions and positions in the administration are also under the power of colonisers, thus those colonised will lose power to administer and govern.

“The colonised cannot determine their own political direction and eventually, the economy and wealth of the country will be controlled by the colonisers. The wealth is not for the colonised, but for the colonisers.

“This motivates to achieve independence so that in political terms, we have our own power to determine the direction of the country. The same goes in terms of economy; so that wealth and natural resources of the country will not be taken away be colonisers so that it can be used for the people and not just the aristocrats and the middle class,” he said.

He said the scenario which happened during the British colonisation in Malaysia is the characteristic of a country and race which was colonised, as stated.

“Independence will be in vain if the people can still not enjoy the wealth of the country, but is only monopolised by aristocrats and capitalists,” he said.

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