Manivanan Asks to Emulate Prophet Muhammad’s Character and Personality

KLANG, 19 Jan: The Member of Parliament of Kapar, G Manivanan, urged Malaysians to emulate the character and personality of Prophet Muhammad who always practiced moderation in his life.

Manivanan said that the personality and noble character of Prophet Muhammad should also be made a model to all, regardless of race and religion.


“The birth of Prophet Muhammad into this world is a blessing. So, what I hope is that this Maulidur Rasul (Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday) will nurture our awareness to constantly strive to improve our moral and reinforce our characters as human beings and to adapt his personal values and teachings in our life,” he said.

Manivanan said this in his speech during the Selat Klang Maulidur Rasul Celebration today.

In his speech, Manivanan also took the opportunity to express his hopes for the multi-racial society in this country to have a loving attitude towards each other.

“He (the Prophet) always reminded us to love one another and be kind to one another as humans, that is why he is remembered as not just a leader of Islam, but also as a son, a husband, a father and a state leader that demonstrates admirable moral values, so much so that he was called Al-Amin because of his honesty,” he said.

Meanwhile, an estimated 1,600 people from 37 contingents took part in the procession in the morning, representing mosques, suraus and government and private offices from the Selat Klang.

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