SAMM Confirms Handing Over Individual that Threw a Bottle to Police

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 Jan: The Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Youth Solidarity Malaysia (SAMM), confirmed successfully catching and handing over the individual involved in throwing plastic bottles at the police during the Reduce the Cost of Living Movement (Turun) Assembly which took place at Dataran Merdeka last night.

The SAMM Propaganda Director, Edy Noor Reduan, said that the move had to be taken to prevent the assembly, which was attended by about 10,000 participants, from being tarnished by unwanted incidents which would eventually tarnish the names of people who attended the assembly to state their protest against the increased cost of living peacefully.


“We will not compromise with those who try to create a chaotic scene during the assembly. That is why we handed the young man to the police on duty last night at Dataran Merdeka.

“Gathering peacefully is a right protected by the constitution, but acting violently is still against the law and it is dangerous to the public and the security personnel,” said Edy Noor when contacted by Selangor Kini today.

He added that those who witnessed the incident confirmed that the individual was responsible for throwing a plastic bottle at the security force.

“The person who threw the bottle did not wear black, instead wore a blue Chelsea football jersey.

“There were many witnesses that saw him alone throwing the bottle and when he was caught, he did not deny it,” added Edy Noor.

Apart from the bottle throwing incident, SAMM confirmed that the assembly last night ran peacefully and smoothly with any unwanted incidents.


“Congratulations to the people, especially the young, who were able to control their emotions when participating in the assembly despite being frustrated with the government’s actions which put no thought into the pressures arising from the rising cost of living,” he added.

SAMM also thanked and congratulated the police for their cooperation in order for the assembly to run smoothly.

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