The Federal Government Should Accelerate Aid for Flood Victims, Not Wait For 4 Months

SHAH ALAM, 14 Jan: The Federal Government should act fairly and quickly in delivering aid to flood victims in Kemaman and to not hide behind political gimmicks.

The Terengganu PAS Chairman for the Welfare and Social Committee, Dr Azman Ibrahim, said that among the charitable characteristic is to give it when recipients are needing it and that it could simplify their matters.

He said that troubling flood victims is like adding rocks to the existing burned shouldered.


“The Terengganu and Federal Governments have sufficient managerial and administrative machinery to manage this.

“During the by-elections, you can see officers of the Welfare Department entering villages, going house to house to distribute ‘instant noodles’ (instant) aid in the period of 10 days to 2 weeks of the campaign period,” said Dr Azman in a press statement.

He said that flood victims complain of the bureaucracy they have to go through to receive immediate assistance, which takes a rather long time.

“They have to meet with the JKKK to take the form, then to go to the Welfare Office to get confirmation of their names.


“They then have to go back to get the signature from the JKKK, and finally have to line up at the field from morning till evening.

“There are some who receive goods, but some only receive vouchers informing that the goods will be given in April,” he said.

Dr Azman said that this are complaints from flood victims in Terengganu to receive assistance in the form of TVs, stoves, mattress, pillows and refrigerators with the 1Malaysia logo as well as the scale and kris logo attached to it.


“It does not take long, from three to four months, to manage the distribution of TVs, stove, mattress and refrigerators. Unless behind giving this aid to the people there is an unseen hand ‘behind the refrigerator’ that is ready to grasp favours.

“Most of the flood victims are in a situation of ‘total lost’ and are in dire need of basic necessities to continue their lives,” he said.

He expressed his congratulations to the PAS flood relief machinery for their early distribution of rice cookers, in addition to food items to the victims involved via distributing it directly to the homes without flood victims having to travel to and fro to receive verification, which is annoying.

“It is not that flood victims do not know if Umno leaders do not conduct field work to comprehend the problems of the people, they will not know.

“This would mean that if flood victims wait for the stoves distributed by Umno to cook, they would starve first, especially since some have to wait till April.

“Who is in charge of the assistance? If it is Umno, why involve JKM? If the government is in charge, why is there the scale and kris (Umno logo) logo? Let it not be the situation where the cow gave the milk but the zebu received the credit,” he said.

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