The People Do Not Want the Return of the ISA

SHAH ALAM, 12 Jan: The Internal Security Act (ISA) is no longer relevant, and the issue should not be raised again, said the Assemblyman for Seberang Jaya, Dr Afif Bahardin.

He said that rational-thinking people do not want the draconian act of detention without trial to be restored in the country.


He said that the ISA is a draconian act and it is inhumane because it allows for the detention of an individual for up to 60 days without trial.

“Why should Malaysia go backwards when other countries are increasingly moving forward. A first-class country in the world that guarantees the freedom of expression can bring about a turning point for the country.

“As a developing country, it is time for us to look forward and give equal space for the people to speak out,” said Dr Bahardin in a press statement.


He said that the people are hungry for a police force that is efficient, trustworthy and transparent which is able to provide security for the people.

“I refute statements saying that there was never a really peaceful assembly when we can see a clear example that the People’s Uprising Assembly was one of the successful peaceful demonstrations.

“The people today are anxious and worried about crime and deteriorating security. The people’s trust in the police be becoming increasingly slim everyday due to bias, abuse of power and corruption that is becoming a problem in the police force,” he said.

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