‘Ma Lai Saile’ Means ‘Horse Comes Greatly’ But Umno Translated it Wrongly

The Malay community have been advised to not easily believe the propaganda of certain parties that intentionally misinterpreted the ONEderful-Malaysia video produced by Seputeh DAP Member of Parliament, Teresa Kok.

Shah Alam MP, Khalid Samad, said that the word ‘malai saile’ mentioned in the recording meant ‘horse comes greatly’ and does mean the Malay community in the country.


“‘Ma’ means ‘horse’, ‘lai’ means ‘come’, ‘saile’ means ‘the great’ and is translated as ‘horse comes greatly’ which is timely for the year of the horse this Chinese New Year this time. However, UMNO has interpreted the word differently.

“UMNO wants to teach the Chinese to speak Chinese. When told they have made a mistake, it is not acknowledged, as if UMNO understands Chinese better than the Chinese,” he said during press conference at his office recently.

In fact, by Khalid’s understanding, if the word ‘ma lai’ if translated into the Malay language means ‘Malay is great’.

“If ‘malai’ is translated as Malay, ‘ma lai saile’ brings the meaning of Malay is great. Chinese would call Malays ‘Malai ren’ as ‘ren’ is added to the word for a person. ‘Malai ren’ means ‘Malay people’,” he further said.

He described UMNO as having no political capital and is playing on any issue, particularly those related to racial issues and then lodging police reports in addition to other provocations.

“These are all ridiculous and I mean when I say that UMNO is destroying the Malay community. (They are) humiliating and degrading Malays.

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