RMAF Member to Face 7 Counts of Armed Forces Act Charges, Indelible Ink Issue

SHAH ALAM, 5 Feb: A member of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) will be brought before the Military Court on seven charges of making press statements regarding the indelible ink issue on the 13th General Election (GE13) polling day.

Major Zaidi Ahmad said that he received the Malaysian Armed Forces Council orders yesterday and will face charges at the Kuala Lumpur RMAF Air Base Court Complex on 7 February.


Five of the charges were under Section 50(2) of the Armed Forces Act 1972, while two others involve Section 51 of the same act.

Section 50(2) is an offence of non-compliance to an order from a superior and may carry a sentence of not more than two years, while Section 1 does not submit to the standing order and may carry a sentence of not over two years or a lighter sentence.

The charges refer to the date 1 may 2013 at two different locations; the grounds of the Kepala Batas District Police Headquarters and the Butterworth Air Base.


When contacted by Selangor Kini, Zaidi explained that he is the Commanding Officer of No.12 Squadron (F-5E), but was stripped of his post.

He said that after making a police report regarding the Election Commission’s (EC) indelible ink, which was not permanent as it should be, being used during the polling day.

Until now, he has not been allowed to fly despite receiving his salary and allowance as usual.

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