Sex Politics: Spreaders of Humiliation, Great Sin – Fathul Bari

SHAH ALAM, 20 Feb: Responsible parties spreading news that causes embarrassment to other human beings and those who believe them are those who bear heavy sin.

The heavy sin born by messengers and believers will grow heavier if the humiliation spread is slander.


The Umno Youth Exco, Dr Fathul Bari Mat Jahya, said that ‘haram’ (illegal) is irrespective of party or those who spread embarrassment, despite it truly happening, is a huge sin.

“The Prophet mentioned seven sins, the first sin is shirk, and when the Prophet mentioned slandering, the Prophet stood.

“Scholars that studied the hadith said that the Prophet stood upon mentioning slandering because it is a mortal sin,” said Dr Fathul Bari.

He said this in a religious lecture uploaded on YouTube some time ago.

He urged the people of this country to stop the spread of even comment on any issue involving news that humiliates a human being.

Prior to this, the media reported that the Umno Information Chief, Datuk Ahmad Maslan, say that BN will make the sex video as capital in the Kajang by-election soon.

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