Many Still Do Not Know of the Fund for Victims of Attacks by Wild Animals

KUCHING, 6 Mar: Many people were still not aware of the assistance being given to help ease the burden of the wild animal attack victims or their families although the fund had been around since 2005, said the Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim.


She said contributions totalling RM1.7 million has been channelled through the Victims of Wild Animal Attack Assistance Fund to 348 victims nationwide from 2007 until last year

Out of the total, Kedah recorded the highest number, at 123 victims followed by Kelantan (69), Sarawak (43), Terengganu (30), Perak (19), Perlis (14), Pahang (13), and Negeri Sembilan (12). Selangor recorded eight recipients, Malacca and Sabah with five each, Johor (four) and Penang (three), she said in a press conference today.

In terms of breakdown, attacks by types of animals, those by snakes recorded 190 cases, crocodile (42), wild boar (36) and bears (two).

In efforts to provide more protection to the community, Rohani said, last year the fund also listed victims attacked by aquatic animals, such as stingray and jellyfish, as being qualified to receive such financial aids.

“The rate is based on the level of injuries that the victim sustains as a result of the attack by a wild animal, with a maximum rate of RM20,000 for victims who died, were in coma or suffered permanent disability while those with partial disability, the quantum will be determined based on the degree of injuries,” she said.

The fund, which was approved by the cabinet in 2004, is managed by the Welfare Department while the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Wildlife) is responsible to provide detailed reports on the cases involved to be used as a basis for aid application.

Wild animals categorised by the department for the assistance are elephants, wild buffaloes, wild boars, bears, tigers, grass snakes, poisonous snakes, and primates (apes, monkey, gibbon, leaf monkey and slow loris). – BERNAMA

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