FOMCA: Federal Government Should Present Langat 2 Water Channeling Plan

PETALING JAYA, 22 Apr: The Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (FOMCA) urged the Federal Government to present a specific plan for the channeling of water from the Langat 2 construction project to the public.

The Deputy Secretary-General of FOMCA, Foon Weng Lian, said that the project which will take several years did not give specific information on which areas it will channel to when it is completed.


“The Langat 2 project takes two years to complete, we still do not know if the project is able to channel water to the Klang Valley or only Putrajaya or only a part of it.

“The Langat 2 project is a delayed project to overcome the water crisis, that it is burdening consumers,” he said in a press conference at the SKPPK Building in Sungai Way.

Weng Lian said due to the delay of the Federal Government in addressing the problem, at this point, the only action that can be taken is water rationing.

“This matter should have been addressed from the beginning, by taking into account the supply source and the increase in population, but it was ignored,” he said.

He is of the opinion that the Federal Government should provide rainwater harvesting systems in all residential buildings more comprehensively.

He said that this approach is in effort to save water consumption, thus overcoming the water supply crisis in the future.

“So far, the system has not been performed comprehensively. The awareness is there, but the implementation is not,” he said.

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