People Pay Last Respects to the Late Karpal Singh

GEORGETOWN, 20 Apr: People began to gather as early as 6.30 in the morning to accompany the late Karpal Singh from Dewan Sri Pinang to Bukit Gantung to be buried this morning.

Sadness began to envelop the late Karpal Singh’s house at 144A, Jalan Utama, Penang, as soon as his coffin was put into a van, which headed to Dewan Sri Pinang on the last trip before being buried.


The wife of the late Karpal, Gurmit Kaur, was in grief and was sobbing as her husband was taken out of their home since they married 40 years ago.

Starting at 7.45 in the morning, cars and motorcycles escorted the van carrying the late Karpal.

Throughout the journey, vehicles stopped to give way and pay their last respects.

The journey from his home to Dewan Sri Pinang was accompanied by over 100 motorcycles, including high-powered motorcycles and a long row of cars.

Karpal’s coffin was placed in the middle of the Dewan Sri Pinang lobby while his family members and dignitaries, as well as members if DAP, surrounded him for his last public event.

At 8am, the van carrying him arrived at Dewan Sri Pinang and the marching band from his former school, St Xavier Institution, played to pay their last respects.

Thousands of people started flocking in and queuing up to wait for their turn to pay their last respects to the well respected lawyer and political figure.

Not far from Dewan Sri Pinang, three historical sites, the Penang Court, the Penang State Assembly and Karpal’s School, St Xavier, was the beginning point in his career.

Family members, DAP leaders and supporters of the late Karpal sadly reminisced the departure of their beloved leader.

Volunteers were also busy overseeing his journey in and out of Dewan Sri Pinang.

Around 11am, the late Karpal was taken to Bukit Gantung to be buried after passing through several important roads like the State Assembly building and his former school.

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