PKR Grassroots Welcomes Khalid’s Move to Contest as Deputy President

SHAH ALAM, 10 Apr: PKR grassroots members consider the decision by the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, to contest for the post of PKR Deputy President as something they have been waiting for.

Private employee, Ahmad Borhan, 39, said that Abdul Khalid’s excellent track record for three years will be able to improve the administration of the party.


“The whole of Malaysia already know of Tan Sri Khalid’s achievements as the Selangor Chief Minister with a clean and transparent record.

“He will be able to assume the responsibilities as Deputy President if given the chance,” said the PKR member when met by Selangor Kini in Selayang.


When answering a question, Ahmad said that despite Abdul Khalid being a little late in joining PKR compared to other contenders for the same position; it is not a major issue.

“I see Tan Sri Khalid as being faithful to the fight for reform, despite sometimes being criticised.

“After all, can loyalty ensure the integrity and transparency of someone?” said Borhan.


Nasiruddin Mohamed, 4, the PKR member from the Sepang Branch, said that he and other Sepang Branch members will provide one hundred percent of their support to Abdul Khalid.

“He has proven to be among the leaders with the best record in governing an administration.

“PKR members should take advantage of this valuable ‘asset’. Tan Sri Khalid’s absence in PKR would be a loss to PKR,” said Nasiruddin.


Businessman, Gary Lim, 32, said that Abdul Khalid has proven his ability to manage the state’s finances in a transparent manner without wastage and leakage.

“He efficiently manages state finances, not just willy-nilly, and does not waste public money.

“People like this have expertise that cannot be wasted and should hold important positions in a party,” said Gary who is member of the Shah Alam PKR Branch.

In the PKR 2014 election, Abdul Khalid will be the only Chief Minister from PKR who volunteered as a candidate for Deputy President.

As the number two candidate, he will face five other candidates, including the incumbent, Mohamed Azmin Ali.

In the election this time, Abdul Khalid is offering the slogan “Towards Genuine Reform – Integrity, Transparent and Clean’.

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