Anwar: Election chaos not caused by PKR members

PETALING JAYA, 16 May: Investigation on the chaos that happened throughout the PKR Election 2014 voting process found that it was not PKR members who barged into the polling centre.

PKR de facto leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, said that the parties involved are believed to have deliberately create chaos, including kicking ballot boxes, like what happened in the polling process at the Kuala Langat branch on May 11.

“PKR leaders are concerned about the incidents of violence and gangsterism that occurred, especially during the polling process in Selangor.


“Based on this information, we have found that the non-members trespassed into voting centres to tarnish our image and foil our voting process,” Anwar said during a press conference at the PKR headquarters today.

Anwar said that PKR also found that some involved are new members who registered with the party soon before registration closed on March 15.

Anwar however did not say if action to bring in outside people was masterminded by those within PKR.

“The PKR leadership has ordered the Central Election Committee (CEC) and the Disciplinary Board to investigate this matter further and firm disciplinary action needs to be taken.

“This is to ensure that this element is eradicated and dismissed from the party,” Anwar said during a press conference which was attended by the candidates for Deputy President, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, Datuk Saifuddin Nasution and Mohamed Azmin Ali.

He also did not refuse to reveal the identity of those involved in the chaos as soon as a thorough investigation is completed.

The PKR Election 2014 which was recently held saw some unwanted incidents happening, including throwing of chairs, punching, kicking ballot boxes, stealing ballot boxes and so on.

The election this time also saw 27 branches across the country being forced to hold the polling process again.

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