Ensure Kampung Baru residents are safeguarded

SHAH ALAM, 21 May: The Kampung Baru Development Board (PKB) has been urged to put the interests of the residents of Kampung Baru as a priority in implementing development agendas in the village.

The PAS Youth Urban Land and Development Committee (LTPB PPM) Chairman, Ahmad Zamri Asa’ad Khuzaimi, said that he agrees with the suggestions of several residents’ representatives for the residents of Kampung Baru to join together and be involved in developing their village.


He said that this cooperation is a good move to consolidate opinion in ensuring that their rights are safeguarded and to facilitate the negotiation and development process in future.

“We also asked the government to immediately set the value of one square foot before the Kampung Baru Development Detailed Master Plan (PITPKB) 2020 draft is presented in June 2020.

“If PKB’s claims that 88 percent of 2,388 landowners agree to re-develop their village, it is important for owners to know the value of their land so that residents can plan and agree on the appropriate development,” he said in a press statement.

He stressed that what is unwanted is when there is an element of fraud or intentionally placing the price of the land much lower than the actual market price, causing the owners to bear losses.

Ahmad Zamri added that owners and residents have the right to enjoy the fruits of development on their land, to be participants rather than mere observers.

Therefore, in the active development plan efforts in surrounding area, make sure that it will not marginalise the proposals of existing landowners.

“The previous experience of the village residents is very sad, when eventually, the development carried out only benefited the developers, buyers and external parties, to a point of marginalising the original residents.

“The original residents were forced to move, be homeless and leave their village without receiving proper compensation, like begging for kindness on their own land,” he said.

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