Lawyer: Summoned for tinted windows, can be challenged in court

SHAH ALAM, 20 May: Owners of vehicles summoned by the police in the tinted windows operation before June 16 are recommended to go to court to challenge the summons.

This is because the summons does not mean that payment has to be done because the police have to prove the offense.


The Legal Advisor of the Anti-Postal Summons Campaign Department (KASE), Zulhazmi Shariff, said that he questioned the police’ actions of issuing summons to owners of vehicles using tinted windows when the action is supposed to start on June 16.

He said that on May 15, the Bukit Aman Traffic Unit Chief, SAC Mohd Faud Abdul Latif, in a press statement, said that the police provide a period until June 15 to owners of vehicles using tinted windows to switch to the correct specifications.

“Suddenly yesterday/Sunday night, the police carried operations to summon 23 people who had tinted windows. What’s with that? That is all.


“The issue of tinted windows is not a problem because there are regulations. Methods of vehicles, the types of tint and the rule can be enforced.

“The transparency (light) for the front windshield is 70 percent and other windows, 50 percent. There is no problem there. The public only has problems in terms of the percentage,” he told Selangor Kini.

He added that among the other issues raised are the inspection procedures of the tinted windows carried out at night.

“If the police do not follow (procedures) on those summoned, do not pay. Go fight it in court.

“The reason is that although we are in the wrong, police who took action without following the law are also at fault, there is no question of fighting the rules,” he explained.

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