SUHAKAM Praised Positive Cooperation from the Police, Organisers of the May 1 Assembly

SHAH ALAM, 2 May: The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) praised the peaceful conduct of the assembly, which was held to object the Goods and Services Tax (GST) at Dataran Merdeka yesterday.

In a press statement, its Chairman, Tan Sri Hasmy Agam, said that SUHAKAM saw this as a positive result of good cooperation among the organisers of the assembly.

He said that SUHAKAM was also honoured when the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) was not used during the rally and major roads and public transport stations were not closed.


“The police, with the help of the organiser’s marshal managed to ease traffic control and the movement of people throughout the assembly by ensuring that rally participants could move from all locations without much trouble.

“SUHAKAM is also pleased with the positive change in the professionalism of the police and other authorities in handling the public assembly, as shown through KL112 and the anti-increase of price rally, as well as yesterday’s rally,” he said.

He also praised the police and the organisers for their positive cooperation in a series of dialogues held before the assembly.


“The dialogue led to an agreement between the two parties in a number of key aspects of the assembly, especially consent from the police for the organisers to use the road near Dataran Merdeka although it was closed for upgrading.

“We look forward to continued cooperation, understanding and respect in peaceful assemblies in the future to ensure that the people’s rights to freedom of assembly can be preserved at all times,” he said.

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