Do not panic as hot weather throughout the country, is not El Niño

SHAH ALAM, 14 JUNE: The public has been reminded not to panic with the hot weather that hit throughout the country as it is a common phenomenon during the southwest monsoon transition period.

The hot weather is not part of the El-Nino phenomenon as predicted by many, said Corporate and Commercial Director from the Department of Meteorology, Maznorizan Mohamad.

“The hot weather started from 15 May and is expected to last till early September. The southwest monsoon is dry and we are expecting a drier than normal season.”


“Even if it rains; it will be much lesser than usual. People are assuming that this is El-Nino but this is actually the season where the southwest monsoon is changing; thus creating a trend for the existence of El-Nino, ” he said in a statement for Sinar Harian.

The hot weather is also felt by neighboring countries, with some even more severe he added.

“El-Nino could hit within the next three to seven years, it’s not a storm, but the phenomenon is expected to last for a long period and there will be effects from interaction between the seas and atmosphere repeating every three to seven years on a global scale.”

“Countries within the equatorial western Pacific which includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and Phillipines will face atmospheric pressure and this will result in the weather being drier than usual, ” he said.

However, he gave praises to the public who are concerned with the hot weather that hit the country.

” Scientists have not declared that the world is hit by El-Nino, but we are hit with rising temperatures.”

“Many still do not understand, many are concerned with this issue, but it is certainly good that many are alert and taking precautionary measures to face this issue, ” he said.

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