Selangor Speaker receives motion from opposition to review Hudud

SUBANG JAYA, 12 June: The Selangor State Assembly (DNS) Speaker, Hannah Yeoh, received the motion from the Selangor Barisan Nasional (BN) opposition to review the feasibility of implementing Hudud in the state.

She said that she is neutral and accepts any suitable motion to be debated, whether it is from the State Government or the opposition.


“This is just a motion to review Hudud in Selangor, not a Bill to be approved and implemented. I am sure that the people also want healthy debate in the DNS sessions and not just in the media.

“DNS is the true place for representatives to discuss an issue. So, I will give them that space,” she said during a press conference at her office today.

Previously, an Assemblyman from Umno, Kamarol Zaki Abdul Malik (Sungai Air Tawar), proposed the motion to review of the implementation of Hudud in the DNS, however received various negative reactions from friends in BN component parties.


MCA and Gerakan urged for the motion to be withdrawn, claiming that there was no consensus among BN component parties regarding the implementation of Hudud until now.

At the same time, the former State Executive Councillor, Ronnie Liu, also reminded the DNS to not get caught up in BN’s game regarding the Hudud issue.

“I do not see how this matter can be played by BN because the motion was brought by Umno, not PAS. It is just a motion to review, not a motion to implement Hudud,” said Hannah.

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