Umno motions for Hudud in Selangor, will MCA demonstrate?

SHAH ALAM, 12 June: DAP questioned if MCA intends to strongly oppose if Umno continues to recommend for Hudud to be implemented in Selangor, as recently reported.

Now that their partner in the coalition, UMNO, has also mooted Hudud to be studied in Selangor, will MCA now turn the “Say No to PAS Hudud” campaign to “Say No to UMNO Hudud” campaign in Selangor?


“Will MCA now hold a demonstration in front of UMNO Selangor headquarters to speak against this motion?” said the Assemblywoman for Damansara Utama, Yeo Bee Yin, quoted from BERNAMA.

In her statement, Yeo said that MCA continues to blame DAP for supporting PAS even though the party wants to implement the Islamic criminal law in Kelantan.

She said that MAC continues to avoid comment on Umno’s move of encouraging PAS to continue the effort, and in fact, has formed a technical committee with Kelantan.

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