ABIM: Felda denies dividend, a cruel and unreasonable action

SHAH ALAM, 28 July: Denying the rights of settlers simply because they sued Felda is a cruel and unreasonable action.

The President of the Malaysian Muslim Youth Movement (ABIM), Amidi Abdul Manan, said that ABIM supports all actions in accordance with the law to restore the rights to those oppressed.


He said this in reference to a report on Felda’s action to deprive the rights of some settlers to receive dividends, which is deplorable.

“It what was reported by some news portals is true, such action is foolish and disgusting,” said Amidi in a statement.

He said that Felda should embody the spirit of moderation, as suggested by the Prime Minister, which is simple in nature and avoids any extreme action, including persecution.

He also said that the ‘hifz ul-mal’ initiative which is the care of property contained in the Shariah clearly does not cancel the rights for settlers to receive dividends because they sued Felda.

In relation to that, he said that ABIM urged for an explanation by Felda to clear up any confusion that may arise due to this situation.

“ABIM believes that the anger of settlers against Felda can be mitigated with rational and reasonable explanation,” he said.


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