China’s ethnic cleansing reduces 45% of the Muslim population in Xinjiang

SHAH ALAM, 30 July: The ethnic cleansing carried out by the China government to the Uyghur community in the province of Xinjiang has cause the population to drastically reduce by 45 percent so far.

The Vice President of the Malaysian Muslim Youth Movement (ABIM), Mohammad Raimi Ab Rahim, said that among the mode used is to transfer the Uyghur people and replace them with immigrants from the Han race who will take care of the interests of the republic in the region.

He said that not only has the Uyghur population reduced, but they have also received treatment of third-class citizens and are excluded from any economic progress.


“Previously, the Uyghur population was at 95 percent, but it has now reduced to 45 percent, while the remainder of the population are brought in from outside the region over the past 60 years.

“When many Han ethnic people came in, they were given jobs, economic assistance and treated like first-class citizens, while the Uyghur people were further marginalised,” he said in a special interview with Selangor Kini recently.

Raimi said that among the other methods used by China to control the Uyghur population is to limit or control the number of births, where each family is allowed to have one or a maximum of two children.


He said that the move will somehow reduce the birth rate and reduce the population of the ethnic group until some were forced to be refugees in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey.

“When that happens, then the Chinese government’s intention to commit ethnic cleansing will be fulfilled. Expulsion and murder also happens, but it is not done in the open,” he said.


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