Could not bear scorn on FB, the cat killer finally apologises

SHAH ALAM, 4 July: As he cannot bear the scorn by Facebook users and animal lovers, the account owner of the Facebook page, Reiy Khazhiema, finally apologises.

This was following Reiy’s status on Facebook, where he admitted to intentionally ramming a cat to death with his car.


“Last night, I hit a cat…went back to look at it due to sympathy. It looked still alive, like the cat’s hip was broken. Then I saw my car bumper broken.

“I started the car engine, with anger, and rammed it to ‘hell’ (death). Was that cruel?” Riey initially wrote on his Facebook page.

Due to his confession, his Facebook page was attacked by hundreds of Facebook users, with various condemnations, criticism and so on.

Riey, however, said that he never wrote it, and instead said that his Facebook account was hacked.

However, most Facebook users who were dissatisfied continued to attack him and they created a special page to condemn his actions.

To date, the page titled ‘Riey Khazhiema’ has received over 3,000 likes in just over a day.

“I apologise to everyone for my offence, which I spread widely on the social networking site, on the mistreatment towards animals (the cat),” he wrote on his Facebook.


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