Gaza death toll rose to 172 people, 1,260 injured

GAZA, 14 July: The death toll from air strikes on Palestine has now increased to 172 people, with 60 people being women and children from the region who have become victims of the Zionist regime military atrocities.

In addition, 1,260 people in the region have been reported injured, while 233 homes were destroyed in the attack.

The increase has put pressure on the international community to immediately declare ceasefire.


Israeli war planes are not just targeting civilian homes in the Gaza Strip, but also strategic buildings are being destroyed.

As of this morning, 21 mosques, 36 schools, including six hospitals, were destroyed in the eight day of the attack.

Israeli plans also bombed the Al-Nour Mosque in the central Deir el-Balah city of Gaza, which also destroyed homes in the surrounding area.

Israeli jets also destroyed a government building and a farm in the southern Gaza Strip, including Rafah and Khan Yunis.

On July 12, Israel also bombed the Farouq Mosque near dawn when the Palestinian Muslims were performing their Sahur.

On July 11, Israeli warplanes targeted the area around the Dar al-Salam Mosque which caused a Palestinian to be injured when walking home after the Tarawih prayers.


Israel also announced that they will begin land attacks from the north of the Gaza Strip at any time from last night.

A spokesman for the Israeli Military Chief, Brigadier General Motti Almoz, said that the final preparations have been made, including placing tanks along the Palestinian waters to prevent outside interference or to make room for Palestinians to leave their area.


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