GAZA WAR: Israeli fighter jet kills 10 children, death toll reaches 1,100

GAZA, 29 July: The Israeli regime has become increasingly cruel by killing innocent children when an F-16 fighter jet targeted a bomb at a playground where children were playing during the Aidilfitri celebration.

Reports say that about 10 children were killed and 40 other victims were injured at a park in Mukhayyam Shate.

In the meantime, the Israeli army bombed the Gaza Hospital area caused considerable damage and it is believed that many suffered an accident.


The latest death toll increased to 1,095 due to the latest Israeli shelling, while those injured has increased to 6,500.

A Turkish media source reported that the country is considering and studying the establishment of an air force team to Gaza to provide humanitarian and break the unjust siege of the Israeli cruelty.

The move would be like what was done by the allied forces to provide aid to Berlin during the war with the Soviet Union in 1948.


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