Mufti: I seek forgiveness physically and spiritually

SHAH ALAM, 28: “Forgive me…zero zero yeah”.

That is the phrase we often hear adults saying every Shawwal.

Although the expression is thought to be in line with the time, it is not an offence to be said; however it is seen as a loose practice according to Islamic ways.


The Kelantan Mufti, Datuk Muhammad Shukri, said that it would be nice if Muslims greeted each other while saying ‘I seek forgiveness (from you) physically and spiritually’ (maafkan saya zahir dan batin) compared to just ‘zero zero’ because it does not reflect sincerity in seeking forgiveness.

“In Islam, we carry out the Musaafaha or hand shaking while uttering we seek forgiveness physically and spiritually so that all our wrongdoings and mistakes towards a certain individual are forgiven.

“The word ‘forgiveness’ is said as a sign asking to forgive the past, let there not be even a scar and open a new chapter,” he said, quoted from Bernama.

Muhammad attracted attention when he requested and gave forgiveness, not only during Hari Raya, instead the noble deed should be done at all times.

The Prophet Muhammad himself asked for forgiveness from Allah 70 times a day, said the Kelantan Mufti.


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