Perak Government urged to provide explanation on cancellation of Malay Reserve Land

SHAH ALAM, 7 July: The Perak Umno-BN Government has been urged to provide clarification regarding the cancellation of land specially designated as Malay Reserve Land.

The Perak PAS Youth Chief, Raja Ahmad Iskandar Raja Yaakob, said that he is concerned with developments every time the Preak Government Gazette notifies a cancellation in the Malay Reserve Land Enactment issued.


He said that the 14.67 hectars or land, or 36.25 acres, of the Mukim Lumut Daerah Manjung at the Telok Senangin Malay Reserve Land, where the gazette was revoked by the Chief Minister of Perak on 7 March 2013, is very alarming.

“We are concerned that the Lumut tourist centre and its surroundings will lose its entity due to greed and that the preserved forest area, which has been preserved all this while, will be lost due to unbalanced development,” said Raja Ahmad in his press statement.

He said that earlier, there was a proposal for Kampung Teluk Rabiah, Mukim Lumut Daerah Manjung and its surroundings to be commercially developed on the Malay Reserve Land in Teluk Rabiah, with an area of about 163 hectares, on 20 July 1989.

At the same time, on 28 April 2004, approximately 89.83 hectares land had its Malay Reserve status revoked for other purposes.

“We demand an explanation from the Perak state government on what needs caused the revocation of the status to be done.

“We are very sceptical on the frequency of Malay Reserve Land status revocation done by the state government on grounds of development or tourism, or the latest reason being industrialisation,” he said.

He said that the move would lead to the erosion of the Manjung Distruct entity as a beautiful environment that attracts many tourists.

“We will hold a meeting with Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir to seek clarification and express our concerns with what is happening,” he said.


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