PMUM: Zakat collection should be audited to ensure transparency & integrity of collection centres

SHAH ALAM, 22 July: The University of Malaya Students’ Association (PMUM) suggested for the collection of Zakat to be audited by the National Audit Department.

The President of the University Students’ Association, Fahmi Zainol, said that the proposal would be able to reduce the rate of poverty, especially among Muslims, in addition to ensuring transparency and integrity in the organisation managing the collection.


He said that the people give their confidence to Zakat bodies in managing the Zakat collection; however, sometimes the recipients do not receive their rights.

“Based on the national statistics, Malays who are Muslim are still dominating poverty in our country compared to other races.

“Just look at the homeless, those begging especially in the city, most of them are Malays and Muslims,” he said in a press statement.

He said that this has raised questions among Muslims, especially about the transparency of Zakat bodies in managing the distribution of the Zakat money.

“In the process undertaken by the responsible parties, there should be formal documentation to be reviewed and shown to the general public.

“The process of transparency is implemented so that there is no doubt among the people and bad perception towards Zakat bodies.

“This process symbolises the transparency of the responsible parties in managing matters involving Zakat,” he added.


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