Project monitoring should be reshuffled, negligent culture the cause of recurrent collapse cases

SHAH ALAM, 3 July: The Federal Government should reshuffle the project monitoring mechanism conducted by appointed companies, said the Selangor DAP Secretary who is also the Assemblyman for Sekinchan, Ng Suee Lim.

He said that the culture of negligence and overlooking important aspects of monitoring is the main cause of collapses in projects involving the Federal Government.

“This is yet another warning due to inefficient monitoring. Perhaps, it is due to corruption that mistakes happen causing reports of collapse after collapse.


“We can see the LRT pillars collapsing, the Penang bridge also experience the same incident, and the latest is at Jalan Bukit Bintang and this is all a warning to the government’s negligence.

“This incident does not only cause a loss to the people’s money, but it endangers lives. So, the government should do something,” he said.

He said this when asked to comment on the underground tunnel that collapsed at Jalan Imbi yesterday morning. In fact, the incident has continuously received teasing from people on the Facebook social networking site.

Selangor Kini found that many people on Fecebook have shared ‘troll’ pictures of the collapse by inserting actions from several popular Hollywood and international characters.

Among them, the page of ‘signatureweddings’ received over 50,000 likes when they shared a troll picture in a status uploaded 20 hours ago.


The pictures uploaded featured Godzilla and characters from the blockbuster film Transformers, Optimus Prime and his nemesis, Megatron.

Since yesterday, the troll has been shared by over 8,000 users and received 8,000 likes.

Those who left comments also did not leave comments in the form of words, but also shared other troll pictures.

Among the pictures shared involved other stars, including the Incredible Hulk, King Kong, Ultraman, Thor and not leaving out the actions of the ‘raja bomoh’, Ibrahim Mat Zin.

The KL Monorail services from the Hang Tuah station to the Imbi station was temporarily halted due to cracks on the ground near the monorail pillar at the traffic light intersection in the area.

BERNAMA reported that the underground tunnel, which was still under construction, had collapsed while the route along Jalan Imbi sank at about 10.30am, yesterday.


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