SPECIAL REPORT: Media restriction the reason Xinjiang oppression is not known

SHAH ALAM, 22 July: The media restriction imposed by the Chinese government on the tragedy related to the Uyghur ethnicity in Xinjiang has cause the oppression of the people to be unknown to the world for a long time.

The Malaysian Muslim Youth Movement (ABIM) Executive Legal Councillor, Mohd Kahirul Anwar Ismail, said that the Chinese government’s policy of restricting internet access has caused any new reports linked to the Uyghur people to be disrupted.


He said that most news reported are from foreign non-governmental organisations (NGO) that visit the area or by Uyghur refugees who have settled in other countries.

“In China, there is no access to the internet, and even social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are also blocked, so much so that the reports have to be done by outside communities, either Uyghur people who are refugees or foreign NGOs.

“The people who still live in the province have been gripped to not issue or announce any news, in fact, they do not dare to,” he told Selangor Kini.

He said that the people who visit China are only synonymous with the province of Xinjiang, however they do not know the pressure and oppression faced by the Uyghur community there.

Khairul Anwar said that the authorities in the republic are always giving negative sentiments about the Xinjinag region, causing many people to be affected.

“The Uyghur movement based in Turkey has actively been carrying out awareness campaigns about this race and the tragedies that happen in Xinjiang so that this matter is brought to the world, especially among Muslims.

“But the outside world has already been given a sentiment that Xinjiang is terrible, this is the success of the Chinese government in giving a bad perception about the Uyghur people,” he added.


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