Zionist regime massacre against Palestine increases to 476 victims

GAZA, 21 July: The terror of the Zionist regime in Gaza since July 8 has killed 476 Palestinians since the regime began ground assault on July 17.

The Gaza Health Ministry said that at least 72 Palestinians were killed and 400 were injured in the attack by the Israeli regime on the district of Shejaiya on Saturday night until Sunday morning.


The attacked is deemed by some witnesses as being similar to the massacre in Shabra and Shatila in 1982.

Meanwhile, the number of Israeli troops killed has risen to 18 people and 13 Israeli soldiers were killed in a clash with Hamas in Gaza.

The army said that they were killed in a massive ground attack on Sunday.

Two civilians were killed in rocket and mortar attacks launched against Israel. Dozens of soldiers were reported injured in the attack.

In the meantime, Brigade Izuddin Al-Qassam, claimed that they arrested an Israeli soldier and the detention is seen as a success by the people of Gaza amid the Israeli attacks that has increasingly grown mad two weeks after they first bombed the territory.

The arrest of the Israeli soldier was announced by an armed spokesman through television, reported AFP.

“Israeli soldier Shaul Aaron is now in the hands of Brigade al-Qassam,” said the spokesman who was known as Abu Ubaidah.

The AFP reported that the Israeli military spokesman said that they are aware of the latest development and are investigating the allegations.


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