70% of Kg Chubadak homes completed, sign of settler’s ‘fortress’

SHAH ALAM, 18 Aug: The work to rebuild the homes of Kampung Chubadak residents that were demolished by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) several days before the fasting month is now 70 percent completed.

Among the houses is the family home of Saiful Asyraf, 27, which the family has resided in since prior to his birth.


Saiful said that the construction of the house is the symbol of defence of the rights of urban settlers who first settled in the village over 30 years ago.

“At this moment, two houses have been built; my house and my neighbour, Mak Cik Waheda’s home.

“Among the other residents, there are some who want to see further developments and there also some who are bitter,” he said when contacted by Selangor Kini today.

Saiful also considers the rebuilt home as the last symbol of defence of the rights of urban settlers in the village from the invasion of city authorities.


He also did not rule out the possibility that houses that are still under construction will be demolished by DBKL.

Saiful said that so far, he has spent about RM2,000 for the construction of his new home.

“We mostly used building materials that can be reused like zinc, planks and so on.

“I just had to buy cement, sand and pay workers, the rest was done via mutual cooperation with the villagers,” he said.

He also received a contribution from PAS worth RM1,000 to help ease the burden.


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