Death toll from Israeli brutality at 1,347 in 24 days

GAZA, 1 Aug: The death toll from the atrocities of the Israeli army since 24 days ago has reached 1,347 people while about 7,700 others were injured as of 10pm local time yesterday.

Press TV, the Palestinian Red Cross Society (PRCS) said that the on-going assault by Israel has caused the humanitarian crisis in Gaza to be worse.

“The number of shelling victims is increasing. We are facing difficulties because the water and electricity supply has been cut off at many hospitals,” they said.


Meanwhile, the Director of the Gaza Ministry of Health, Dr Medhat Abbas, condemned the attack for targeting hospitals, ambulances and temporary placement centres.

In the latest attack, at least 20 were killed and 100 were injured in the worst attack in Shejaiya, East Gaza, yesterday.

The assault tanks were deliberately targeted at the market when people were buying daily necessities.

When the tank released their first attack, dozens of people fled and dragged injured victims.

“This caused the Israeli army to launch a second attack regardless of those trying to save victims. The grave situation is hard to imagine because many victims were burned.

“Once the ambulance arrived, the victims were sent to the Al Shifa Hospital. The other residents worked to put out the fire at the market,” said a witness, Abu Maysarah.


He said that during the fire fighting operations, Israeli once again bombed the area.

In addition to that, in the latest development, the United States (US) allowed Israel to use their own ammunition stockpiles when the attacked peaked on the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli cabinet deployed 16,000 more reserve soldiers to join the Safe Border Operations in the area.


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