FOMCA: Telcos should cancel unanswered call charges

SHAH ALAM, 7 Aug: The charges for unanswered calls imposed by telecommunication companies on consumers are inappropriate and should be cancelled.

This is coupled with the voicemail system, which usually answers the call if the owner of the mobile phone does not answer the call.


The Deputy President of the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca), Mohd Yusof Bin Abdul Rahman, said that problems regarding this telecommunications service have the highest number of complaints received by Fomca.

He said that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) should investigate this matter, including call service problems often faced by consumers.

“Basically, it should not be charged because we cannot use the service, even more so if the rates increase.

“If there are problems in terms of service, it is not our problem (consumers).

“There are some telecommunication companies where when we do not use the service, it directly goes to voicemail,” he told Selangor Kini.

He added that other charges apply, but the quality of service presented to the consumers that are not satisfactory should be stopped, apart from the contract system.

Prior to this, there were protests from consumers who were not satisfied when they were charged up to RM0.40 for unanswered calls.

He explained that so far, Fomca has not held a meeting with telecommunication companies regarding the problems faced by complainants; instead they spoke directly with the MCMC to discuss.

He said that telecommunication companies should be concerned about this matter because in 2013 alone, Fomca received 6,404 complaints involving various telecommunication problems.


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