Hot forum to discuss Selangor CM issue tomorrow

SHAH ALAM, 8 Aug: The Young Malaysians Lens (LENSA) will organise a special forum titled ‘Selangor Crisis: Khalid Ibrahim betrays Pakatan Rakyat?’ on August 9.

The programme organised by LENSA will begin at 8.30om at the MCPA Hall, Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) this Saturday.


The programme involved several local professional bodies regarding the issue of Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim remaining as Chief Minister.

Among the panellists are the Selangor Economic & Finance Officer, Azrul Azwar and Youth Solidarity Malaysia’s Chegu Bard.

Also present is Writer & Columnist, Nathaniel Tan; the Selangor CM Executive of Communications, Shazni Munir and the Young Malaysians Lens’s Syukri Razab as the moderator.

Here is the press release on this forum:

Today, the settlement of the Selangor CM issue looks like it is not near the end. In fact, recently information sessions being held by some NGOs and political parties are clearly defending their stand that the Selangor CM needs to be taken down immediately.

LENSA is by our stand and principle of “As long as the interests of the people comes first”, thus Lensa will be united. The question is to what extent has this CM issue been explained frankly and directly to the people, especially the people of Selangor? And as LENSA knows, some information and explanations done prior to this only takes into account one party; those who take the stance that the Selangor CM should be changed.

Frankly, we say, this conflict looks biased in the eyes of the people and we, the young people, see that the CM himself has not provided much clarification on this major issue. Undoubtedly, there are still many who are confused and stuck looking for real answers when this issue was thrown around, including in social media, today.

LENSA stands that the truth does not know anyone. If it is wrong, we will say it is wrong. On these factors, LENSA has taken the responsibility to hold another series of forums on the issue of the Selangor CM issue to provide a fair ground for the parties involved and this time, especially for those defending the Selangor CM. Firmly, we are impartial and are only carrying out the task of checks and balances on this issue.

For any feedback or queries, the public may contact us at 019-385 1902 (Shukri) or e-mail [email protected].


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