Israel-Gaza ceasefire extended to five days

GAZA, 15 Aug: The five-day ceasefire between and Hamas militants continue despite a shaky start, after both sides agreed to peace talks Egypt is hosting in Cairo to end the war in Gaza.

Reuters reported that both sides agreed to extend the ceasefire to five days to allow negotiations to continue to achieve an agreement for a longer ceasefire.


The Israeli military said that there has not been any battle for several hours since the Israeli air strike on Gaza ended about 3 am local time.

Two Palestinian militants fired two rockets into southern Israel two hours after the extension of the five-day ceasefire came into force.

The military spokesman said that planes attacked the site of the rocket launch, weapon stockpile and militant activity centre but did not give further details.

After a few days of using diplomacy, the talks hosted by Egypt continued in any possibility making it the longest ceasefire in this conflict which has lasted five weeks.

The second extension of the ceasefire raises hope that a long-term resolution regarding the conflict can be obtained, despite still facing some difficulties.


A senior officer of Hamas who went back to Gaza after talks in Cairo said that they find it difficult to reach a resolution but they are optimistic about some things.

“There is still a real chance to clinch the deal,” he told reporters, adding that it depends on Israel to not play with words to cancel their demands.

After over a month of conflict, a total of 1,945 Palestinians were killed, mostly civilians, while 64 Israeli soldiers and three civilians were killed.


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